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Tower Bridge Insta
NYE2022 at Greenwich Maritime Museum (KM) -17

Bringing Theatrical Lighting Design to Architecture

Lumitect has been created by theatre and event lighting designer Durham Marenghi and seeks to enhance the exterior and interior of a building with natural and artificial light and to reflect its energy and purpose through the integrated lighting design of architecture both modern and historic.

Lumitect creates a fusion of innovative design, visualisation and realisation that is a progression of forty years of lighting creation worldwide across the full spectrum of theatrical and live event lighting disciplines.

Lumitect specialises in the dramatic and theatrical use of light for enhancing the architectural form and, alongside exciting and dynamic control systems,  providing

the architect with a spectacular night time treatment of their creation.


Lumitect also creates lighting designs in the virtual world to present photo realistic visual renderings and animations for dynamic presentations thus allowing the architect and client to visualise exactly what the proposed lighting design can really achieve.

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